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2 weeks ago I came across a one of these “top 10 apps you must have” lists. Most of the time I either know all of the applications or the applications are not really applicable to my work as a photographer. However this one contained an application called “Evernote“. (see http://evernote.com). I played with for a day and realised it would have a big impact on how I research upcoming shoots. My method used to be to save any relevant images or search information as documents into a “project folder”. Evernote completely changed this allowing me to clip web pages, text, images , anything really into notebooks. I could research on my iPad, my phone and all synced back to my laptop.
I thought I would share this revelation with my professional colleagues. You guessed it – they all knew about it and had been using it or a rival product (http://springpad.com ) for quite a while.
The reason I mention this here is that Friday’s International Women’s Day shoot was the first “proper” project I researched using this tool. I had researched Dr Helen Pankhurst, the olympic suffragettes, recent stories published, photographs used etc so I knew what they all looked like and which photographs were widely used enabling me to come up with ideas for alternatives that would “press the same buttons” but not duplicate what has gone before. Of course – I do not hold rigidly to these concepts on a shoot, its always good to be led by the personalities and see what unfolds but good research gives me a secure starting point.
Of course not matter how good the research, there are some some things that cannot be accounted for and when shooting outside this means The Weather. With the emphasis of the walk to be “walk in her shoes” much of my concept revolved around lower “looking up” wide angle shots. Fridays persistent and quite heavy rain just about totally halted that idea. Even with constant cleaning the lens was obscured within 2 or 3 seconds meaning that I really had to revert to a mainly eye-level set of images and try to use the weather to our advantage. The set of images are shown in the slide show below.


As always the images were distributed directly to the UK press along with the client’s  press release. Overall a tricky and wet day but really quite rewarding.