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October was a busy month for music gigs with plenty of images being published in the UK press.

I do not want this post to be like the September round up; just a list of images, so I am going to focus on two at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Conor Maynard

I photographed Conor at the start of his UK tour in home town of Brighton. I arrived early as I knew The Dome would be packed to the rafters with screaming teenage girls, they were probably the nosiest audience I have heard – especially in a venue of this size; ear-splitting. With an audience so young the venue was seated , with no photography pit so I had to shoot from the sides, half way back. With a venue the size of The Dome this is not really too much of a problem as long as the light is bright enough. For Conor the light was very bright enabling full length and close-up images to be captured easily with no audience intrusion into the shot. Once I was sure I had captured Conor fully, I switched to get images with both Conor and the audience. This shot I quite like as I have the silhouetted arms along with a great expression and body shape. More images for licensing of Conor Maynard 

Jazz vocalist and pianist Diana Krall

Diana Krall is of course the total opposite end of the spectrum to Conor. The only detail the gigs shared was that they were both seated. Diana was playing two nights at The Royal Albert Hall and I was there to photograph on the first night. Despite an email confirming that I would be shooting from the front of the stage my gut feeling was that it would not be that simple so I hedged my bets by packing 4 lenses from 15mm wide through to 300mm. It was a good move; the piano was positioned stage right and I was to be shooting from stage left, across the top of the piano (but also positioned below it).  Apart from the moment Diana walked on stage, she was seated behind the piano. In addition it was dark (with a nice warm glow) meaning that I would really be pushing technique, shooting with the 300mm at high ISO and the slowest possible shutter speeds (for the lens).  What was nice though is she knew exactly where I was and looked right at me enabling portraits like this. Click here for a full set of images including Diana Krall walking on stage.

P.S. Don’t forget, all of my images are for sale. Like most photographers, I do not take kindly to images being used with out my consent if you would like to discuss using an image in some way,  please contact me).