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Peaceful protests are wonderful things, they bring together people from all walks of life and locations into one place with a common cause. It’s a great place to photograph people and this year I wanted to concentrate on the periphery; not the mass but the people going about their business as the march passed or peripheral views of the demonstration.

Last year’s demonstration resulted in a number of isolated incidents, one of which was the occupation of ” Fortnum & Mason” on Piccadilly which unsurprisingly  this year was well protected.

Police stand guard outside Fortnum & Mason

Just down from Fortnum’s is The Wolseley Hotel .The doorman stood very smart and to attention, watching the hoards passing. As I took this he suggested that I might be pointing my camera in the wrong direction; of course he could not see the reflections and contrasts behind him.

The march passes The Wolseley

The cafes on Piccadilly went on as normal, just slightly more busy; couples and families out sightseeing and shopping enjoying lunch and coffee whilst watching the protestors pass. (I assume for many it would be the first time they have seen upwards of 200,000 people march).

Fixing her lips

Officers relax a bit after the march passes

The march had completely passed and left Piccadilly for Park Lane and Hyde Park when this group of young protesters turned the corner. I think they were so far behind because they were stopping outside every establishment they could find that did not fit with their ideals and beliefs. Here they were stopping outside a well known coffee shop to protest about the tax that the corporation was or was not paying.


Finally, I get the feeling that cuts or no cuts, life for some goes on with very little change…..

No cuts at the gallery