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Graham Coxon plays the Troxy with Peter Doherty on 29th March 2009

This is a gig I remember for so many reasons. Of course Peter Doherty was the attraction that everyone had paid to see (and we had turned up to shoot) and it was not long after Peter was getting a huge amount of press coverage for his drug addiction problems. I arrived at the Troxy to huge queues, it was my first time there and I just loved the architecture inside; really classic deco. It was a bit surprising that there were only a few professional photographers (3 or 4 I remember) but a whole load of friends-of-friends who had managed to get passes. This combined with the high stage and lots of smoke made getting well composed shots difficult but when I did, they were just so atmospheric.

I picked this shot because I love its “shape”, the contrast of the hand against the lights and smoke with a look of inner concentration on his face.