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Im now in my 3rd year of covering FrightFest as part of the team and with many of the attendees being regulars, along with the event being held at The Empire, it’s starting to feel like I’m part of a family.

The FrightFest team: Alan, Paul, Greg and Ian with Ross Noble

This year started differently to any previous FrightFest, with a 10 minute routine by comedian Ross Noble. I say “routine” – his act was anything but, having us all in stitches and trying to produce high quality images whilst laughing so hard is a real challenge.

Comedian Ross Noble

The event, in it’s 13th year, has become internationally renowned and my brief includes covering the fans, the personalities to show the whole flavour or atmosphere of the 5 days.

Michelle Ryan attends “COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES”

That means working at a “Media Wall”, out and about the theatre and on the stage area.

Dario Argento : Total Film Icon

Even at the media wall shots are not always simple. To photograph special effects maestro Greg Nicotero‘s glass Variety FrightFest Award I enlisted the help of the video cameramen and their LED lights to ensure the writing on the award was perfectly visible. (On-camera flash may have caused some problems and would have involved close direction of Greg, something i try to avoid).

Greg Nicotero receives the inaugural Variety FrightFest Award

On the Saturday, I had some “Nazi Zombies” from the film “Outpost II” to play with along with some other famous horror characters. Taking them out into Leicester Square produced some interesting responses and surreal images (especially in the rain).

Freddie Kruger in the rain.


Nazi Zombies in the rain.

There was also the Sunday night drinks reception to cover:


Director Federico Zampaglione and actress Claudia Gerini

Director Tom Six

One of the most anticipated files of the festival was “American Mary” on the Monday morning, giving me a chance to have a little more fun. This time the target was Greg Day, PR for FrightFest and Clout Communications.

Directors Jen & Sylvia Soska with FrightFest PR guru Greg Day

Directors Jen & Sylvia Soska

Before the closing film “Tower Block” a slideshow of my images from the weekend were shown on the huge 18M Empire 1 screen (there’s a test of image quality!). As a photographer, the response and feedback to this slideshow produces a warm feeling knowing its a job well done.

“Tower Block” features Sheridan Smith who attended bringing a little more conventional glamour to round up the event.

Sheridan Smith

As always, these 4 and a half days are immensely tiring but great fun. See you next year!!

A full gallery of image may be viewed here…