A colleague recently wrote a post about a new womens lifestyle/photography magazine “PIX”.

Look inside >;
Summer 2012

In fact, this magazine has also caused some discussion in other pro – photography circles. I did not plan this to blog but when I took the photo below I thought maybe it deserved a wider audience…

First I want to make it clear that gender does not/should not matter, photography is about the business of making images and all that surrounds it. It is not about matching skirts or bags to cameras. I’ll say that again… gender does not/should not matter, photography is about the business of making images.

However, I understand there is a wider issue here. Photography is a male dominated industry and it is quite clear that when we look at accessories such as straps and bags (where the physical differences between a man and a woman might be important) there are very few manufacturers catering for the female physique (I’m not talking pretty or flowery here, just the shape of the straps/bags). It is also clear that there is not a balance in marketing and trade magazines either.

Men tend to disagree or not see it, so I thought I would take all the pro magazines off of my shelves , lay them out on the floor and photograph them…

A balanced industry?

43 “pro” magazines..

  • 3 covers with just words leaving 40 images
  • 30 feature a woman on the cover
  • 7 feature a man on the cover
  • 2 feature animals
  • 1 features what I would call a photojournalistic image
  • 0 Landscapes

(Edit: I found a further 8 magazines after this was posted. This included 4 women/glamour and 1 (finally) a landscape. )

Of the 30 females covers, I would say 22 of them are glamours type images….Photography is my job, why should I “have” to pick a magazine up from a newsagents that the cover is without doubt, designed for men…

You decide if this industry is balanced.