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.. or … it’s not just about turning up and shooting; you need to plan as well.

As you are probably aware, the position of any photographer at a premiere is determined by a random draw; press cards are put in a bag and as they are drawn out, each photographer selects their position from the remaining space. With both Cheryl Cole and Cameron Diaz expected at this event there were bound to be a lot of photographers at the BFI IMAX, a venue where there can be very little space. My gut feeling was “trouble” so I packed a longer lens than normal, a set of steps and headed off.

My fears were totally correct, not only was there a very small amount of space (which was extended slightly into a L shape), I was drawn last. It was only with thanks to a colleague that I could actually see anything at all but being in the “L” it did mean I was shooting against a horrible background.

Photographers Waiting

Whilst I had to try and photograph full length images, I felt the best chance  was to go for tight portraits…

Actress Anna Kendrick

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Cheryl Cole

My images of this event my be licensed from PhotoShot. The full set of my What to expect when your expecting may be licensed here.

Leaving this event at 7pm, I then dashed over to Islington to photograph Noah Stewart performing acoustically at the Union Chapel, Islington. The contrast between the two jobs was obviously huge; from a busy, crowded, noisy film premiere to the quiet stillness of the church with just 2 other photographers in attendance.

The church holds a special place for me as my great uncle married here and I clearly remember his best man (twin brother) dropping the ring and it rolling down the isle.

The hall was the perfect location for Noahs powerful un-amplified voice:

Noah Stewart

Noah Stewart

My images of Noah Stewart event my be licensed from PhotoShot. The full set of my Noah Stewart at Union Chapel may be licensed here.