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The Great Escape is a 3 day music festival in Brighton that showcases new music talent not only to the paying public but also a large proportion on the Music industry. The event is spread across the centre of the city with venues ranging from the large concert venue of The Dome to smaller pubs and clubs (such as Above Audio).

Red Ink plays Above Audio

I have now covered this event for the past 3 or 4 years and enjoy it immensely, despite being exhausted by the walking between venues. (This year I could not cover the Friday for personal reasons).

The talent on show varies as widely (if not wider) than the venues its it’s usually quite clear who should (or will) make it. My pick of the weekend was Haim; 3 sisters from America who I have to say were absolutely brilliant live and the industry buzz surrounding them is huge… Downloading their (free) EP I have to say I preferred their more raw live sound but they should go far.

Hot new band Haim plays Audio

As well as the club type venues, there are a large number of street gigs during the afternoon and early evening with a wide range of music on offer.

Bernhoft has fun in Jubilee Square

On a sunny day Jubilee Square is a real sun trap and with a a different act every hour, was a great place to spend Saturday afternoon.

As well as the complete unknowns, there are always a couple of “celebrites” looking to kick start (or re-start) their music career.

Pixie Geldof (Violet) plays The Haunt

Series 7 X Factor finalist Aiden Grimshaw

My photographs of The Great Escape may be licensed from PhotoShot: License Thursday images here. Saturday photographs here and Aiden Grimshaw images

Tonight I am off to cover the UK premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman at Leicester Square before covering the after party. It is going to be quite a poignant evening for me as my “best friend/partner/lover/most important other half” will be showing his last premiere in Leicester Square after 32 years. He has been responsible for countless premieres (including 10 Bond’s) and many royal film performances. He is likely to be the last to achieve so much in that rapidly disappearing profession. So I finish this with best wishes to @dave_norris (aka “The Last Projectionist Standing”) who I know will be brilliant in his new positron with a major studio.

Pictures tomorrow..