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Photographing a band called “White Rabbits” on the 1st of the month had a nice ring to it.

The venue was XOYO near Old Street in London. My thoughts on this venue is that the sound was good making it great for watching/listening to a band but with mainly overhead and backlight, not great for photographers.


The support act was Sunless ’97, a London band I have been unable to find out much about (other than their soundcloud),  the light was almost non-existent for this act.

Sunless 97 play XOYO, London on 1st May 2012. Persons pictured: Edward Leeson, Matt and Alice

My photographs of Sunless ’97 may be licensed here: Sunless 97 play XOYO


Having just subscribed to Spotify I was able to listen to the White Rabbits before travelling and I was looking forward to this gig. The band did not disappoint and it was a pity I had to leave early to get home. I can recommend seeing this band live.

Six-piece indie rock band White Rabbits play XOYO

My photographs of White Rabbits may be licensed here: White Rabbits play XOYO