This was the first premiere to be held at the new Westfield Stratford City, and to be honest, I hope it is the last!

I must admit that the carpet and lights looked wonderful and really christmassy. The crowds of young girls were excited and the place was packed!

However from the photographers point of view the place was a nightmare (and probably from the stars and their PR’s also). We were packed into a very long, very thin, curved pen (it was barely deep enough to allow for 2 rows inn places). For the stars it meant they had to pose more times so we could all see them. For an idea, see this 360 degree shot taken whilst the stars pose. I’m out of sight just behind the red arm raised in the air.

I must admit though, overall I was quite pleased with the images I filed, given the position..


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson meets fans