This blog has been a little light over the past month or so. I have been so busy I really have not had much time to collate thoughts or images.

I have a story from this weekend however I must get off my chest (a slight rant, sorry).

I had scheduled for Sunday a music gig to photograph. I am not going to name names or venues, suffice to say an artist that has sold a major amount of records in a venue that seats over 2500.

On Friday I had an email request advising that the artist management would require approval before filing the images to the press. I advised that this is really difficult to do because, as you would expect from a press photographer, the images are out probably before the artist is off stage. We exchanged a couple of emails and came to a compromise. Had approval been required before filing, I would not have attended.

I left my family Sunday afternoon and was out a total of hours (when to be honest, a nice glass of red and a sunday roast would have been far more welcome).

I shot and filed as normal as well as forwarding a (watermarked) set of images for the artist to see.

Today – (Tuesday), I had an email reply advising which images were approved and which were not. They liked 5 images from a set of 15). FIVE! One per hour of time out! Fine musicians they may be but picture editors they most defiantly are not, the images chosen were among the least likely to be published. Not only did get emails and calls to confirm my removal from sale, they had the cheek to request the images free of charge (with credit of course) for their website and facebook page. In light of this I have removed all the images from this gig from sale and will put it down to a wasted afternoon. (As an aside, I wonder if they required approval of all reviews written?)

In the past, PR’s and musicians used to commission photographers to provide photography for magazines and reviewers. This rarely happens now, they rely on press photographers to take the images free of charge (the photographers make a small amount supplying to press).

I love photographing musicians and gigs, I think I’m good at it (in fact I know I am very good at it). I am happy to cover them for press but (PR’s and artists, this is aimed at you) if you want artistic control and images for your website, you will have to commission me.

Just to finish off with an image…