I recently had a bit of a “problem” with an attendee of an event I covered. This person was not happy that I had images available for sale that they were featured in. I always like happy customers and prospective customers and so I removed them from sale.

However, this person was actually mistaken in their thoughts. Instead of going into this myself, I would like to point you to Dan Heller’s blog which really covers the important points. He mentions an important court case:

“The legal case that established precedent for this was Corbis vs. James Brown, where the judge called the depiction of a photo as being for sale a “vehicle of information”. Here, consent from a subject is not required”

There are of course cases where a release is required; any advertising or promotional images require releases. The difficulty though is working out when an image is art, an advert, editorial or even an advertorial.

If you have any questions about “can a photographer sell images of me”, please read it and follow the links.