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This weekend I broke a self made rule: from day one I always stated I would not photograph a wedding. I’ve lost count of how many have turned down.

Earlier this year Michael, a guy I went to school with and who I have not seen for over 10 years contacted me and asked me if I would shoot his wedding to his fiancee, Jane.

I said “No!”

We chatted for a while, he said he had been keeping an eye on my work for ages and when Jane showed him some websites of journalistic style wedding photographers he thought of me. By the time he got round to it being very small I was weakening and suggested we all meet up to discuss.

Well at the lunch a few months ago, we all got on really well and I loved their chemistry, they fitted so well together. So I agreed and this led to last Saturday and their wedding in Newport Pagnall. I visited the church and the location for the evening meal well before to check the location, light and angles. Working with 2 cameras (one on remote on the gallery) I worked alone, covering the preparations and waiting of the groom and best man, the arrival of the bride, the service and finally the reception.

Jane Arrives

Walking up the Isle

A set on monochrome and colour images were delivered the next day via my secure site.


The experience of the weekend has changed my mind regarding weddings. Sharing the joy of a happy couple, helping them save their memories for the rest of their lives is hugely rewarding. No it’s not easy, yes it’s stressful but the rewards outweigh these.

The happy couple

With the current vogue for journalistic style wedding images, I will no longer say no. I will say yes to those couples with whom I feel an affinity with and whom have an affinity with my work. As I have said before, every photographer has a style, it might evolve but a photographer cannot change their way of seeing. I cannot change my way of seeing. I cannot produce stereotypical wedding photographs but if you like my style, like what you see here and fancy chatting over coffee or lunch, I’d be happy to discuss your plans.

The laughing couple