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After I left Shoreham Airshow on the Sunday, I jumped on a train for Chiswick House and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

I’m not sure I have mentioned this in the past but one of the loves of my partner is film soundtrack music, with him regularly writing reviews for a well known website in this sphere. Our thoughts were we could both cover the concert and have an enjoyable evening at the same time.

I started off getting one or two general views before taking to the side of the stage to photograph the conductor Joel McNeely (orchestral music is one time where stage-side is a good spot, otherwise it is impossible to get good images of the conductor at work)

Joel McNeely conducts the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

We then both settled down for a wonderful evening of music.

Composer Jerry Goldsmith's wife Carol applauds Joel McNeely

Toward the end there was a short power failure when (as luck would have it) a piper was on stage and he managed to keep us entertained as the power was restored.

The piper entertains in the dark

All in all a rather pleasant evening.

Further images may be seen and purchased here…