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This weekend was another great local event: Shoreham Airshow. Since I learnt about this event, the organisers and the fact that all the profit goes to the Royal Airforce Association, I want to do all I can.

RAFA flags

The most impressive thing about this show is not the display (which is very impressive), it’s not the amount of money raised (although this is more important), it’s the fact that this entire show is arranged and run by a team of volunteers. In fact it is the largest Airshow put on by volunteers in Europe (probably the world).

Catalina flying boat

I’ll put my hand up now (and if you read this regularly, you will know), I’m not a sport, transport or aircraft photographer. Whilst I find what the pilots make these aircraft do amazing, the craft themselves do very little for me, except maybe the Lancaster – knowing my grandfather was a tail gunner and Concorde which is stunning beautiful.

Catalina flying boat

So my aim this year was to focus on the whole show, the fun for all the family and to portray the feel of the show. The weather was great (particularly on the Saturday) and the sky provided a great backdrop.

Stairway too..

There were slides, spheres, globes, all manner of fun for the children.

Water fun


When covering The Birdman last week I could walk to the job, for the Airshow I cycled for 30 minutes. Whilst cycling home on the Saturday I spotted the (delayed) Lancaster circling over Worthing waiting to make it’s pass. I was able to line my self up with the “display line” knowing it would have to pass and turn almost overhead…

The Lancaster

And to close it left westward, again over Worthing, into the sun….

Heading Home

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