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For those not involved with the music industry, it is indeed a “Great Escape”, a chance to spend 3 days in the diverse city of Brighton on the south coast listening to many new bands playing every style of music your can think of (and many you cannot).

The festival is spread out across the city in many venues which range from small dark rooms in pubs to bright street gigs and even The Dome. It’s this variation in location along with the fact that so many of the acts are just unknowns that make this event a difficult, challenging but enjoyable event to photograph.

It takes educated guesses and a lot of luck to make enough as a photographer here to even cover your costs. That said, if you do manage to photograph the next “Lady GaGa” or “Take That”, you could do very nicely. This year I spent even more time talking to others and researching to choose my “hit list”, even then, time table changes and cancellations changed the bands that I photographed on the final day. So who and what? Over the 3 days I shot almost 30 bands, below is cross section which should give you an idea of the different challenges faced by a music photographer:

FRANK TURNER plays the HMV Store, Brighton on 12th May

CLOUD CONTROL plays the Corn Exchange, Brighton

RACHEL SERMANNI plays the The Green Door Store

JAMES VINCENT McMORROW plays an outdoor gig on Brighton Seafront with the peir in the background

A "flash-dance" broke out at a street gig in Brighton's Jubilie Square in Brighton

Le Corps Mince de Françoise (LCMDF) plays The Corn Exchange, Brighton

Guillemots play the Komedia, Brighton

How will I do financially? Only time will tell all I will say is that a day after the festival I received a request for photographs of approx 8 bands, I had shot 3 of them….