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By the time I manage to publish this (I am writing this on a plane, travelling to Dresden to discuss rectified photography and photogramatry software), Snoop will have played a number of gigs on his UK tour, a tour which kicked off in Brighton on Sunday 15th.

I last photographed Snoop about a year ago in London at the Shepards Bush Empire. That was a shoot that I enjoyed very much (great light) and I had images published widely. It’s fairly obvious that I would be keen to photograph him again.

It was only a couple of hours before the stage time that I was actually notified I was “in” and I had to rush to make it in time to shoot the support act “Maverick Sabre”; an up and coming act that’s getting a lot of mentions on radio at the moment.

Maverick Sabre plays the Brighton Dome

When it came to Snoop we were not disappointed; although it is not my kind of music, the gig did “bounce” and I did come away with a number of nice images (well I think they are).

Here he makes his entrance (it’s my favourite shot although not one I think will publish very well)

Snoop Dogg plays the Brighton Dome

The remainder are what you would expect; portrait, a 3/4 and finally a full length (with a bit of a boogie thrown in).

Snoop Dogg plays the Brighton Dome

More when I get back from Dresden…..