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It’s always nice to work on a happy story. The story behind todays job could have ended so differently.

RSPCA inspector Rachel Bell visited a house in Uckfield in August 2008 along with police officer Dave Price. An “unearthly wailing noise” was heard coming from the cupboard under the stairs. The RSPCA staff found two suitcases containing 15 puppies, some dead and some still alive. One contained four puppies, one of which was already dead. The other case contained 11 puppies, four of which had died. In total, 25 dogs and a cat were seized from the property after they were found in squalid and cramped conditions.

The collies and their owners

It was touch and go whether the puppies survived but as you can see here, they did and today for the first time in 2 years the mothers of the two litters, Beth and Flo; Patch, another adult dog and puppies Kizzy, Macca Pacca, Tonio, Dudie, Megan and Daisy attended were reunited together with Rachel Bell.

Rachel Bell with the collies

Whilst a couple of the collies were very shy it was amazing to see them remember the RSPCA staff that cared for them. It was a very happy and joyous event.

Rachel Bell and the collies

NB: The dog breeder who put the puppies in suitcases and kept the adult dogs in squalid and cramped conditions was banned from keeping animals for life in November 2009. She had faced nine charges of causing unnecessary suffering and neglect, and was also sentenced to 20 weeks in prison for each of the charges, with each term to run concurrently.