If you follow this blog you may have noticed that the last post featured far smaller watermarks on the images. I have also reduced all of the watermarks on the main site and Flickr stream.

This follows a few months of deep thought and discussion. I was well aware that the watermarks were spoiling the images hugely but at the same time I, like all that make their living producing imagery, am worried about image theft on the web.

The next issue is social media. The aim of this is to get your site and images seen across the web but of course, who wants to share an image with a huge watermark spoiling it? On the flip side, what is the point of getting images shared if no one knows they are yours?

It’s a huge dilemma for photographers and artists alike.

So I have reduced my watermark across the whole of the lower edge – small and unobtrusive. I am saying to not-for-profit bloggers, feel free to blog the image, share it. All I ask is you link to it correctly and send me a link of your use. For commercial organisations – the images are not free and you need to contact me before use. I will be using technology now to find misuse of my images on the web.

So, feel free to free to link, blog and discuss but be warned.. I am watching..

Police protection