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It’s an old adage that one should not mix business and pleasure but I’m not really sure it applies to photography.

On Saturday night I left my family at home (as I do many weekends) to photograph K T Tunstall (and support) at Brighton Dome.

The Pictish Trail

First the support (Johnny Lynch / The Pictish Trail; very entertaining ). Having shot a the first couple of songs I relaxed at the back of the venue with the other photographers discussing upcoming acts and commissions.

K T Tunstall

Next up was K T Tunstall. Her show seemed to have more of an “edge” than shows in the past (looking at photos going back I think thats true).

K T Tunstall

She sounded really great and I have to say it was another of the gigs where I would have really liked to stay longer. My only disappointment from the evening is I did not manage to get a good iPhone crowd shot. (I got an iPhone for christmas and since then I have been trying to take unusual quick views of the audience and pit at every gig).

Sunday evolved like most Sundays along the coast, (although I started with editing the night’s before shots);  A nice breakfast followed by a walk along the front (in the feeble attempt to walk off the eggs, bacon etc). As aways one camera is over my shoulder as we walked down Worthing’s to “Splash Point” which has recently been re-developed.

Splash Point

I captured this image of children playing in the mist/fountain with a small rainbow; a nice joyful editorial stock shot.

So you see, my work life and private life totally overlap, for me business IS pleasure (and visa versa in fact). The key is commitment, enjoyment  and balance…