I really wanted to write this post just starting with the images but to as copyright laws are so dear to my heart I will link to the relevant newspaper pages. The pages in question are:

  • James Bond composer David Arnold will be 2012 musical director
  • Bond star to work on 2012 Olympics
  • If you follow my work you will know I have worked with David (and hope I will be doing so again). I found his musical knowledge and comment astonishing and think that he along with the rest of the team will do a fantastic job.

    This post though is not about David or the team, it is about the images that go along with the article. Try and put the subject out of your head and study the group shot on the first link (The Telegraph). Without the words what would you think the image was about? 3 teachers at a particular school?  (it could be a school in the background)? It could be about so many things but one image that does not spring to mind are The Olympics!

    The biggest single event this country is to host in many of our lifetimes and they could not even organise the shoot at the stadium, arena or anything else that jumped out as related to the story. I am not saying that money should have been spent on the shoot, with the financial state of the UK that would have been the very worst thing to do. No I am saying that location is everything in shoots like this. It must reflect the story, it must drag the reader in in case the words do not.

    I don’t think it is the fault of the photographer – the group shot is quite nicely arranged and the single portraits are nice too. No this is a PR organisation failure (although you could argue it’s not as it is in the major media). Normally the most difficult thing about this type of shoot is organising the diary to get everyone together at the same time. They managed that but PR’s should be thinking about more than diaries. 6/10 I think – could try harder!