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Following my interview with Stephen and watching this wonderfully inspiring talk by Simon Sinek I reviewed my website. It is clear to me instantly that all this site shows is what I produce (Photographs), there are absolutely no pointers to what makes me different to the thousands of other photographers, nothing as to why I’m a photographer, nothing that says why you should hire me. (except for the style of my images).

It’s clear, I need to rewrite my “About” and “Commissioning” pages. This will take time as it needs to be clear and concise. In the meantime I am going to try and explain here. This is not a tightly edited piece, it’s just a flow of thoughts, just like the interview. There will be no “how” only “why”. Hopefully it will give you an insight into “Who is Julie Edwards”;

The world around us is important, the things happening around us influence us, people are important. You are important.

The still image has the ability to capture all of this, not just the surface image (as I think video does) but the depth of feeling, the passion, the belief, the essence of You.

Businesses, charities, clubs, events, families; all have this essence. Even the world around us has this essence.

Why do I photograph? To show this essence, to show the world, to show the real person, to show what people can achieve.