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One of the great aspects of my job is the sheer variedness of it. Take the start of this week for example.

Monday afternoon was the World Premiere of “Paul”. Sigourney Weaver, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were attending and given the lack of room in Leicester Square the draw for position was going to be key. Yet again I was out of luck and shooting from the 3rd row over and between other photographers. It was nowhere near as bad as “Brighton Rock” however and I did manage a good mix of portraits and full-length shots. I quite like the way this shot is lit.

Sigourney Weaver

After finishing this shoot, I had 30 minutes to edit and file my initial shots before jumping on the tube for the O2 Arena and Roxy Music. The shoot for Roxy was a little unusual in that we were allowed to shoot as much of the show as we wished. Shooting the whole show was not really an option as I not only needed to file the shots from this show, I also had the “Paul” shoot to complete. I stayed long enough to capture some a good images of Bryan Ferry (with his eyes not only open, but not in shadow) and shots of each of the members of the band.

Bryan Ferry

The next day the sun was out and between meetings I went on the hunt for Londoners (in “suits”) enjoying the good weather. Unfortunately none were, which left me with the next shoot at 9pm; Professor Green at “Scala” in Kings Cross.

I have to say Scala is about the worse place in London to photograph. The light is either off or bright red or bright blue. I love black and white photography and it counters the lighting problems here; the problem is it is not really what is wanted by the picture editors and papers so I really have to deliver a good set of colour images. On the end of these, I did tuck 3 black and white shots which my picture editor did like.

Professor Green

After that late night at Scala, on the train on the way home I had another job come in for the following morning (this morning – there goes my lie in). It was the total opposite of the weeks work so far. An auction of Reggie Kray letters and paintings taking place only 30 minutes up the road.

After the difficulties of the previous shoots this week, this one was a joy. The contact at the auction house (Gorringes) was really helpful and the vendor of the letters and paintings had a really interesting story to tell. With a nice white vaulted ceiling in the sale room I could bounce the light from behind me to light these two paintings.

Reggie Kray paintings

So, 3 days, 4 totally different shoots. I won’t get that lie in tomorrow either as I am being interviewed for a podcast.