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This weekend was the 4th Brighton Tattoo Convention held at the racecourse.

The convention opened at midday on the Saturday and due to other constraints I had to leave by 1:30 to file and move on to other things. It was clear once there though that by leaving so early I would miss so many attendees and shots.

Given the timescale and the layout of the convention (very tight spaces with high walled booths) I concentrated on the artists and the work they put in..

A tattooist concentrates whilst drawing a tattoo on a knee

Whilst most of the artists were using the needles and ink we associate with tattoos, in one hall there was an artist using traditional methods. Being set up in a boxing ring, it was very difficult to get a good angle to show what was happening (there was also lots of blood which I wanted to show but not too graphically).

Traditional methods of tattooing

Traditional methods of tattooing

Overall it was a very interesting event to cover and one I should have given more time..