So 2010 becomes 2011 and becomes powered by wordpress. I am not totally happy with this site yet and it will evolve over the coming months.

Although I prefer not to look back; I want to just push myself harder in 2011 it is useful to take a quick review of the year to help decide in what direction I want to push. With this in mind, these are “my” top 5 images of 2010 with a little explanation;

Tiffany Page at the Great Escape; A new artist in 2010 and one I found really exciting. This was taken in a small bar in Brighton after watching the sound-checks and chatting to the band. Remember there is so much great music and new artists; I need to shoot more new bands.

This particular shot of Angelina Jolie was not published (the next in the sequence was in People Magazine USA). It proves the power of access, having something different. It’s something I have always strived for but I must push harder.

Two shots from Concert for Care;

The group shot taken in a couple of minutes under pressure. To do this you need to know your kit well, I am not a techie and I need to get to know the kit even better.

Christopher Gunning conducting again shows that viewpoint is everything; back to the Angelina shot keep pushing those viewpoints and angles.

And finally; Biffy Clyro from the Wembley Arena. A colour version of this sequence has been included in the Alamy Showcase in their iPAD app. I prefer this mono version, it’s more “raw” and has more passion. Two things from this shot;

  • Don’t forget the power of Black and White
  • Don’t be put off by the location; I hate getting to and from Wembley but the effort was worth it..

Heres looking forward to 2011 and wishing you all a happy and successful new year.