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After hearing that Southern Rail had cancelled all trains until at least mid morning and having cancelled planned trip to Coventry I decided that possibly images of empty stations, customer information panels displaying messages of no trains might be newsworthy. So after covering myself with 6 layers of clothes I made of for Worthing station.

My first shots were down, along the tracks to the station. It was still fairly dark and I hoped the lights and the station would actually come out better than they did.

I then walked round to the station to ask if I could pop onto the platforms for a few seconds to take some photographs of the empty platforms at peek commuter time. Puzzlement and passing up the chain until the question got asked to the “Franchise Manager”. 


“I’ll only be a few moments, just a couple of the snow and empty platforms” (showing my UK press card). 

“Photographs are not allowed to be taken in the station”,

“Because of security”

“We both know thats not the case here”

I was getting nowhere fast and for me the story had changed from the snow on the rails to the usual jobs-worth. Well I say story, it was not exactly a big story and I could not be bothered so I moved on the West Worthing station, got a couple of images as this station has no barriers..