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This shoot was a few weeks ago but like quite a few shoots, I am not able to publish until after the client has released it.

In this case the client was the BUAV who needed a shot of Ricky Gervais wearing their campaign tee-shirt. The client phoned the day before the shoot looking for a photographer who has experience of shooting celebrities who was available the following afternoon. I met both those requirements (I’m glad to say).

The shoot was planned to be fit in during recording of extras for Ricky’s new DVD and we were to meet at the studio. I expected a fair amount of hanging around (which is normal in these types of shoot as we fit into breaks of filming). It was pleasant surprise to find that our arrival fit in with one such break and within 2 minutes of sitting down to wait we were walking into the studio. 5 minutes after that we were walking back out, mission accomplished.

In that short time it was clear how driven Ricky was and how passionate about the campaign. It took very little direction to get look that both the client and I were after.

Now that campaign has been released, it’s nice to see this popping up all round the Internet.