The last couple of jobs have each presented a similar problem; attendees that are not really keen on being photographed.

The first was Zac Efron at the UK Premiere of the “Death and life of Charlie St Cloud”; this was a publicity appearance for the film and of course being photographed is a huge part of this, with the aim to get coverage in the national press. 

He was fantastic with the fans, spending lots of time getting close with them but it was clear he was not quite in the mood to be photographed by us; refusing all requests to look up and smile whilst signing autographs (a fairly standard shot which often appears in the papers). The posed photographs proper were ok if a little quick…

The second job was at the Goodwood revival (gallery here). Rowan Atkinson was judging the static aircraft display and he is well known for his dislike of being photographed. 

This is a little dilemma for me; I believe strongly in the rights of press freedom and the right for photography in public but I also believe in the right to privacy. For example I would never photograph someone in a private situation where they did not want to be, nor would I follow/chase in public to get a shot. If they pose in a private situation, that is another matter.

Again, this was a public event and therefore I believe it is important that the press do take photos. There was an official photographer covering the judging and it could be argued that this is all that is required but surely varied shots from different view points is a good thing from a publicity point of view.

Yes, I shot quite a few frames making sure I got a photo of Rowan looking at me, with his eyes open in different situations. I think I succeeded.