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It’s often a point of discussion – what makes a pro photographer – what’s the difference between a professional and an amateur.  Why should a company go to a professional over the guy in accounts who owns an expensive camera and who always takes great nature pictures?

All good questions, and if it’s your budget, your event, your PR, you would want good answers. It’s not that all pro’s are better than all amateurs. In fact that is most defiantly not true. We all have seen GREAT amateur photos; some produced with some real heath-robinson lash up.

The difference is most amateurs produce images when they are in the mood, of what they want, when they want. 

Looking back over my past jobs it could be argued that most photographers would instantly fancy shooting Angelina Jolie or Zac Efron and that shooting music, whilst not easy, is always fun. 

How about waking up, looking at the diary and seeing today the shoot is a company loading boxes onto a container truck. Arriving at the location to find a very bright sun in a narrow street and the only place the can lorry park creates really harsh contrasts between the light and the shadows (oh and by the way – this is where they will be loading). The lorry must be loaded fairly fast and the pavement is not that wide. 

Not the sort of situation your average amateur would dream about shooting, not the sort of job that photography dreams are made of…

“Over 40,000 items of clothing and sports and educational equipment for children donated by customers and employees of London Clubs 10 UK casinos were loaded on to a container today by staff from the companies offices in Mayfair to begin a 7000 mile journey to needy townships in South Africa.

The sun shone as Head Office staff put down the pens, pushed aside their computers and sweated while they loaded hundreds of boxes packed with clothing, soccer kits and books into the container in Old Park Lane.”

So as they carried, I did my best to work with the light and the shadows, with the boxes and the smiles to capture the enjoyment and the pride of those involved. A one off event, at a specific time in a specific location, however difficult. Thats why you hire a pro.. to make sure, at the end of the event, you have the images..

Oh and by the way – I really enjoyed the job, the staff were fantastic, helpful and (rightly) proud of their achievements.