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As I am covering the Frightfest Film festival for the second year, I knew that I would be able to grab a little time with some of the genres stars. I therefore decided that I would bring my “portable location studio” . The two small lights, softboxes and clamps can be setup almost anywhere to make an effective portrait. 

For Kane Hodder (stuntman and Jason in the original Friday the 13th films) we decided on the dark, rear fire escape. The lights were clamped either side to the railings and within 15 minutes of walking out we had 3 or 4 good moody portraits in various poses.

For directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch we moved to a lighter, less imposing location further up the stairs to produce this less moody portrait of the pair of them.

A further example is shown in the previous post; Gemma, Isabella and the Werewolf are lit by a single light held by my assistant. 

What is great about this set-up is I can transport it to almost any location, setup, shoot and finish in a matter of minutes with fine control over the lighting.

In todays world there really is no need for any corporation to use flat, boring portraits in their literature.