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Third shoot this week, 4th if you count Birdman on Sunday and It is interesting how each job has it’s own problems. 

Sunday – it was knowing when to take a break and transmit my images. When Holly Walsh was in the water; should I have changed lenses to try to get tighter?

Monday was quite smooth, it was just a case of trying to capture something different from the other photographers.

Wednesday was frustrating, it was obviously difficult to manage that number of young actors and getting the right shots, getting the actors for any amount of time, shooting them signing with the fans was nigh on impossible.

Tonight, it was light, or actually, the lack of light. Well, that coupled with the fact as an American act we were keen to send the images to the USA as soon as possible, a task thwarted by a change of stage time from 9pm to 9:30. Still I think the first images left my system at about 22:11. Not bad…