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The last few days have been busy – with far more to come in the next week. Its’s great to be busy.

My first event this weekend was “Vintage” – a great new festival featuring a mix of fashion, art and music. A wonderful event with a lovely atmosphere which could not be dampened despite the rain trying it’s level best. I had planed to cover all 3 days but due to a personal matter on Friday and the accident on Sunday (see below), I only made Saturday..

Goodwood Vintage Festival Day 2 : Hiding from the rain

I hope it succeeds and if so, I will be back camping there for the full 3 days next year…

So Sunday and the accident. No, not my accident but Holly Walsh from children’s BBC. She was jumping (defiantly not flying!) in the Worthing Birdman for charity. Unfortunately as she landed she suffered some injuries to her arm and had to be recovered by the lifeboat. News images available for licensing here…

This delayed the event so to ensure I had the whole story, I stayed. A good choice because the winning flight or 81M was the final flight of the day.

The full Birdman gallery (not including the Holly Walsh accident – contact me for license information) is here..