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We get to the end of the first week of August and as always, it has been very quiet. With many of the UK population on holiday, the phone has been very quiet and the number of events to cover was just about zero.

The main activity of the week has been the announcement of the Concert for Care 2 on the 18th October and the charity screening of Psycho the day before. You will see on the Concert for Care website one of my images of The Empire. Why do I mention this? 

Most importantly it is a great cause and if you have any interest in cinema or film music then both of these events are not to be missed; you will have a wonderful time and be helping others. 

Think about it; how many of us has seen Psycho on a large screen? Many of my parents generation may have but my generation and younger? Not only is it being shown on a large screen it is being shown in one of the top cinemas in the world… Followed on the next day by a gala concert at The Royal Albert Hall featuring many of the composers that have written the music to many of the modern great films. Book Now! Screening Tickets Here, Concert Tickets Here.

I will be covering both of these events for the organisers and hope to produce a set of limited edition prints which will be put on sale following the events with all profit being passed to CARE International.

I always finish on a picture .. so from the last week of July, Jessica Biel from the UK premiere of The A-Team (News images available for licensing here)…