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Remember my posting a while back on how some companies use photography competitions to get free images? Well we have another one..

“Ellesse shall own the entire copyright and all other rights in the winning photos. By entering the Competition, the Winner(s) irrevocably grant(s) and assign(s) to Ellesse all rights in their entry and agrees specifically to Ellesse’s use of their entry for all marketing and promotional purposes. In additional Ellesse shall have a non-exclusive licence to use other entries for PR purposes and shall contact the relevant Entrant(s) prior to such use.”

So, the winner can never actually (legally) use their image again – they have given ALL rights to the image to Ellesse and (legally) should delete it from their computer (unless of course, they ask Ellesse to grant them a license for private use 😉 ).

All of the other entries may be used for PR? At least there is no hidden agenda here, they are quite open, they want to use YOUR images free of charge to help THEM sell their goods and make a profit for themselves..

As long as we are clear then (which we are, because it says so above), thats ok then…