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I enjoyed covering last years Air Guitar final in Brighton so much that I returned for more punishment this weekend.

This year the finals were held at The Relentless Garage, Highbury corner, London which is quite a nice venue. However I have to say the crowd did not seem as big this year and the atmosphere not quite up to last year’s. The performers most defiantly were up to last year’s though (with only one repeat contestant).

I think a fair number of the performances were defiantly alcohol fuelled and I once had to dodge a flying contestant as he launched himself from the stage, over the pit into the audience… (yes it would have made a great shot but I was busy making sure I did not get a foot in the face as he flew by).

It was obvious early on who the 2 main contenders were and so I took care to make sure I got plenty of shots of them (Juan Nightstand and Eddie Six Strings) early on. This was a good plan as for some reason, as the night went on the lighting seemed to get darker and I had to resort to using flash to fill in towards the end, something I hate doing at live events as it does take some of the atmosphere away.

Juan ended up the entertaining runner up with the Eddie Six Strings becoming the first female champ (yeah)….

On a slightly different note, in the past I have always designed and operated my own website – even for sales but I am currently looking at alternatives, mainly for hosting galleries and client delivery. It looks as though I will be going with Zenfolio as I am very impressed by the cost and the ease of use… also their presentation tools are great allowing me to create slide shows in a matter of seconds… Enjoy…