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With the British Grand prix this weekend and Goodwood festival of Speed last, most the the F1 pilots are in the Uk. Whilst they might be known for time on the track, far more of their time is taken meeting sponsors and marking obligations. 

This week Nico Rosberg attended the launch of Thomas Sabo’s “Sterling Silver collection”. The Location? St Marks Church in Mayfair. A wonderful venue with a wonderful atmosphere. What can I say about Nico? He looks very young and he is very much a gentleman.

Entertainment was provided by CoCo Sumner, Beth Ditto and Jesus Luz. As Jesus is also known by his relationship with one of the worlds biggest music acts, it was no surprise that rumours abounded about a certain Madonna might put in an appearance. However, as soon as you read that in the paper on the way to attend the event you know there is no way she will attend.

The next evening was a complete contrast – Shepards Bush Empire and Snoop Dog. I don’t think I have ever felt so much bass go through my body. Snoop is a very imposing character…