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After the BAFTA’s on Sunday, I decided to have a couple of “rest days” (read office days), returning to shooting on Wednesday evening for these two events.

The nice thing about the Academy shoot was we were in the courtyard which gave use some wonderful architectural backdrop (not that you can see it in the close cropped shot of John Hurt below). We also had plenty of room. I planned to shoot the first hour of arrivals before running up to The Hard Rock Cafe for Amy Macdonald.

Splitting jobs like this is a risk as you are bound to miss some attendees of the first event (and there is always the danger of arriving too late for the second) but in this case it worked out quite well, I only missed 2 or 3 opportunities at the first and I arrived with 10 minutes to spare for the second.

The stage / performance area at The Hard Rock is quite small and the light is usually quite poor as well, normally just flooded with single colours. I decided to use a single camera and a 50mm lens, a really old fashioned shoot, looking for angles. For this shot I was almost on the stage …

Overall I was pleased with the evenings work…