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For the viewer, the TV BAFTA’s started around 7pm. For the photographers it started far earlier, having to collect our passes at around 3pm before allocating our space for the red Carpet arrivals at 3:30pm. That leaves about 2 hours of waiting before the first arrivals.

The fact is, for professional photographers the amount of time actually taking photos is quite small compared with editing, captioning, finding new clients, generally running a business and of course, waiting. One of my colleagues talks about the waiting and the “banter” being one of the best parts of the job…. (I’m not so sure).

After the last arrival at 6:45pm it was up to the press area to cover the award winners. When watching the ceremony on TV, you might not realise but the awards rattle on at a fair old pace and in the press area we were seeing new winners every couple of minutes. When you consider that we are taking maybe a group shot, head and shoulders of some or maybe single portraits, there is not much time to breathe, let alone back up your shots, weed out the poor ones etc etc.

This is where the “might” of Getty win out. Each photographer is equipped with an editor who takes the cards, picks the shots, captions and “files”. Tasks that I do alone.. I say win out, the upside of this is that the photographer is totally focused on shooting and gets to finish earlier (I did not complete the job until 2AM) . My upside is that I have total control of my images, from start to delivery….