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After the aches and pains of the morning I decided that for the Saturday I would shoot only the bands that I would enjoy shooting and who’s photos would be more likely to sell. Also, I knew the headline act – “Marina and the Diamonds” would be packed and not easy to get into.

The first act I needed to shoot was Tiffany Page who was playing at the tiny Volks on the seafront. I got down there vary early to size the place and the lights up and caught the end of their sound check. Took a couple of snaps and then enjoyed the short set by Jaakko & Jay – “Acoustic Punk” very entertaining.

Photographing at small place like this and getting there early means you usually get a chance to make contact with the band and this gives a little more interaction. I’m really pleased with the results given the space and the light I had.

Next I wandered down to Concorde 2 and watched a couple of support acts before Marina, who was headlining. My gut instincts were right and as the time drew near for her performance; the venue and the pit filled. I couple of guys I knew did not make it in (The pit was also reduced as Channel 4 were also filming and had 2 cameras in the pit). I however had the centre of the pit – prime position.

All in all the perfect evening, 2 good shoots with a little time to relax and enjoy some music… (and a beer too!)