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Concorde 2 in Brighton is a venue I love and hate both at the same time (with far more love than hate I must say). Why?

My hate is the lighting and the smoke machine… It really is a small venue and like most small venues the lighting is just about vertically over the stage with and awful lot of backlighting. For the audience the result is great and dramatic. For a photographer trying to deliver images to a client where you can see the performers, see their faces, recognise them, it’s a nightmare. It’s just the nature of small venues, The Borderline in London is usually the same

But as a venue, it’s wonderfully intimate. It’s not just it’s size, there is something else, an atmosphere that contributes to this feeling within the venue. I’ve been to some wonderful gigs here and I will continue to visit as often as I am able…

For Ash, for some reason we had far more room in the pit than normal and as there was only one other photographer there was plenty of room to get the wide angle on for the 3rd song which, with the backlighting made for some dramatic photos. Then, as he got to the end of the number Tim punched the air… perfect!!

Originally uploaded by Julie Edwards Uk