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Originally uploaded by Julie Edwards Uk

I originally planned to shoot Boy George in Brighton at The Dome during the week. However due to their 5 photographers in the pit maximum (Health and Safety policy – the only venue I know with a limit such as this), I was asked by the promoters to shoot at another venue. I choose Eastbourne as it is only 40 minutes up the road and I was quite keen to see how he performed nowadays.

Compared to shooting in a busy pit, this was a doodle. I was the only photographer in a seated venue with a vary large area. As so not to annoy the audience, I shot sitting on the floor, moving between each of the 3 songs.

The hat along with the lighting made getting a nice shot quite hard but I got a few I was happy with.

And Boy George himself? I was impressed with his entry and he was very entertaining. I am sure the audience loved it….