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So, where better to start my downland walks than 5 minutes from home with a walk up to the Iron Age Hill Fort – Cissbury ring (map location here).

The walk was a nice 1 and a half mile gentle climb up to the fort, taking a few “stock” images along the way, spending about an hour walking around the fort before returning down another path. The weather was really warm and the sky clear but very hazy meaning “view” shots would have muted colours with a lack of definition in the distance which was not really what I was after for my project to show the rolling landscape of sussex.

I was however able to capture the strange, almost desolate feel in the ring itself with this monochrome image.

However, as yet I am not sure how to treat this. The reason being is the land/ring itself is National Trust property but running through it are public footpaths. The national trust have a photography policy which states no commercial photography on it’s land without permission;

The National Trust does not permit photography or filming at its properties for commercial use or for reproduction in any form without prior written permission. These restrictions apply only to photography taken within the grounds of National Trust properties and does not apply to public highways and paths.Photographs taken for private and personal use may not be used in any other context, submitted to any photo libraries or on-line agencies or sold directly to any image buyers. All requests for commercial photography taken for profit at any pay-for-entry property must be channelled through the Broadcast and Media Liaison Office.

I ensured the tripod was positioned on a footpath however, until I check a local OS Map, I cannot be sure that the path was a public footpath or a NT one, there is also the clause above about any “pay for entry” site. There is no payment for entry to the ring. Until I can clarify the position, this reproduction is just for enjoyment;

So, enjoy…..