Why is it I have so many problems uploading my images for publishing?

On Saturday afternoon after completing a shoot, I brought a coffee in a coffee shop advertising “free Wi-Fi”… could not get it to work. I edited the images, drunk the coffee then walked off in search of another.

Another coffee shop, another “free Wi-Fi”, limited to 20 minutes but that is more than enough to file 6 images. Get connected, buy another drink, log in to the server and start transmitting. This Wi-Fi so restricted it’s going to take 1 hour 20 to upload 6 images which would normally take 6 minutes max.

Next attempt – whip out the trusty 3G phone.I don’t have the cable to connect so I use Bluetooth. Connection to the web – great. Connection to email – perfect. Now the FTP. No connect. (Why is it this MAC will connect to the FTP via this 3G when connected to the phone by cable but not by Bluetooth?)

So now I’m frustrated and try to email the images on the Wi-Fi. Amazing – they send far faster; so this coffee shop has a “ban” on FTP data (the format we use to transmit images).

By now it’s getting later and the afternoon deadline is approaching so I met up with my partner and go off to relax with some food washed down with a nice glass of wine.

At 9pm I pop into The Brighton Dome to photograph Editors. 3 songs; first one quite dark, songs 2 and 3 quite short. Although I don’t make a hash of it; it is no where near my best work as I am still wound up about the transmission problem earlier.

Finished, I do a quick edit on the 20 minute train journey home and all the images (about 30 in total) are uploaded within 10 minutes of getting home…

Moral of the story – “beware free Wi-Fi….

Originally uploaded by Julie Edwards Uk