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So far this year is light. Not because I have not been working but because I have been doing few gigs or celebrity events.

The explanation is simple; A few years back my work consisted mainly of Architectural and Technical subjects. I moved to doing music and celebrity as this market became less busy with my clients opting to produce their own images. Well these last 2 months I have done more work back in that market. These companies are now realising that taking photographs is more than just buying a decent camera and pressing a button. Although I am not providing them with the images, I am now teaching them how to take good technical photographs of the buildings that they require (and the software to work with the images).

Mind you, I have missed the music and celebrity work and was glad to get back to the Indigo O2 to photograph Peter Andre on Saturday; He looked really happy and relaxed on stage…

I have also posted this entry direct from my Flickr stream now, so clicking the photo will open the larger version.