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The first gig of the new year and it is great to kick it off with one of my favourite bands; The Stereophonics.

Kelly and the boys were performing one of 2 pre-tour warm up gigs in Portsmouth (the second is in Swindon). Based on this performance it is going to be a good tour, as they sounded great (I don’t think I have ever heard them sound otherwise).

So often now the lighting is making our job harder. I think maybe bands are opting for smaller lighter rigs (which are still very bright) with far more backlighting. For the audience this looks great, for the photographer it’s harder work.

If you read this often you will know I love taking Black and White images – especially of rock bands but the problem is nowadays, they just do not sell! That said, I cannot resist so, as the first of the year, and for your pleasure 😉

And lastly, a colour image..