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It’s been a very long week, starting about a week and a half ago.

First though I am going to mention the last of this weeks work and the movie that everybody is talking about; “AVATAR”. I worked the premiere from the press pen and got shots of most of the cast and guests..

The following night (Friday) I was very lucky to attend (with my son) the media showing at The Empire. I was very sceptical about this film before I saw it and could not imagine watching a 3D film for 2 and 3 quarter hours with 3D glasses. It’s interesting to note that everybody that does comment negatively on it has not seen it, I have yet to chat with any of the 4000 or so viewers over the 2 days that did not enjoy it; it got a standing ovation in the premiere and a huge round of applause in the media show. My feeling is Cameron has achieved something phenomenal, it is visually stunning and without doubt the most believable alien environment and aliens.

For me as a photographer, the technical is also interesting, even down to the fact that in The Empire, 4 projectors were used to project the film – it looked amazing (the first time a feature has been shown on 4 projectors).

One of the stars of the film, Zoe Saldana …

The day before this though was the premiere of “St Trinian’s 2 – The Legend of Fritton’s Gold”. For this I was house photographer and grabbed some really nice images. Hopefully some of these should be up on the film’s website shortly. Sarah Harding looked fabulous..

On Tuesday it was James Morrison in Brighton, sounding and looking really good. The lighting was some of the best I have worked with in a concert and I grabbed some great colour and black-and-white images;

Before that, on Monday I was at “Eros” which has been turned into a “Snow Dome” for Christmas and Sunday was Will Young in Brighton. On Saturday it was Alice Cooper in Brighton. Again; great lighting but also great theatre and performance.

Before that; Madness. Suggs the performer…

Now I need a rest..