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Last Thursday Beverly Knight played at the Brighton Dome. Well I say played, more like bounced. It was not what I was expecting at all, I remember her for balladry type music not the fast “bouncing” R & B she served up. Great fun and she had the audience up on their feet within seconds.

Working with 2 cameras (as usual) I thought I would try to capture some of this energy by going back to black and white with a slowish shutter speed (introducing a little blur), thinking really of the 1960’s. Of course I kept one camera more “standard”. The following 2 are examples..

Looking around the marketing possibilities for my images I have decided to dip my toe into the greeting and postcard business. At the moment, this is a toe-dipping with an on-line print-to-order provider. Should there be intrest in this, I will go the more traditional route and get some stock. In the meantime please take a look my Zazzle Store.

The final thing I have been researching is making better use of my concert photography with plans to release strictly limited edition (10) metallic based prints of a few of the images. I am still researching costs and providers (as I want the highest quality) but if, through reading this blogg you have seen an image you like, I would love to hear from you….