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I have been busy over the past few weeks with a few interesting events; Miss Poledance UK and the World Record Timewarp Attempt(success) at Brighton to name a few but not really had time to write an entry.

However I really have to make time for this entry. On Saturday, I photographed Edwyn Collins at The Bloomsbury Ballroom (what a great venue). If you have not heard of Edwyn or know of his battles, please read here...

I have followed is progress (from a distance) as a “fan”. I say fan as I did have a couple of the early albums (on vinyl) and really enjoyed his music. So it really was quite emotional to see him arrive on stage. We had the usual 3 songs (they were also recording for something else) and at the end of the 3, I usually rush out of the pit (as this is what is required by security) but this time I just had to stop, applaud and make sure he saw my appreciation. He sounded great and the music was as punchy as ever. I listened to a couple of numbers from the back as I packed my bag and headed for home.

Thanks Edwyn (and Grace for the pass)…