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The terms and conditions of a photographic competition were hi-lighted to me yesterday by another professional;

  • All entries must be photographs taken and owned by you.
  • By submitting your photographs to **** Cruise Lines, you are agreeing for us to publish your photographs at any time, in any publication or on-line, and in any capacity we choose.
  • By entering your photographs into this competition, you are then agreeing to transfer the copyright of such images to **** Cruise Lines
  • **** Cruise Lines reserves the right to modify any photographs submitted, such as amending colours, cropping or re-sizing.
  • The photographs should be limited to destinations visited by **** Cruise Lines, or of one of our ships.
  • **** Cruise Lines reserves the right to cancel the competition at any stage.
  • Entrants should ensure that, where relevant, they obtain consent for the photograph to be used from any people featured.
This is just an excerpt, take a look at their entry page here to see what you think. I do not think there is any way to take it other than “we want lots of free images of our ships which we will probably using in marketing saving us thousands of pounds in photographer fees over the next few years”.