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Friday and I am having a day off shooting (as tonight is quite quiet) and back to work tomorrow.
This week we have had a Film Première and 2 music gigs.

Tuesday saw the The World Premiere of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Not a huge guest list but those that did attend were very photogenic and great to work with. Lilly Cole was one attendee, wearing channel and looking fab.

Wednesday I went to “Scala” near London’s Kings Cross station. The “room” is a very interesting venue on a couple of levels and the atmosphere is great. I do not usually like this sort of music but I must say I did really enjoy this, even hanging around for a couple of additional numbers. The lighting was exceptionally difficult so I sneaked a couple of “flashed” shots near the end, just to make sure that I had some good, clear images. That said, the set of images I delivered I was particularly pleased with; delivering both monochrome and colour images;

After the enjoyment of Wednesday, Thursday was a failure. Due to, well, I am not sure what the cause was but half of the photographers for Lil Wayne’s gig last night at the HMV Apollo were left waiting at the meeting point; I was one of them and it was only jumping up and down as I heard the room come alive that I realised this. We did get in – late and so only had about one and a half songs. I’m going to be honest and say I was really glad of my ear-plugs. From this short time I delivered 15 shots (luckily the lighting made it easy).

What you can see in this set of images are the difference between the posed (and smouldering) and the timed performance images. With the Lily Cole image, it may be posed (by her) but it is still a performance; but only for the camera. With Speech, it is interesting; The colour image shows someone focused on the music and performance but what of the monochrome one? Is that pose just for my camera? What do you think? Finally Lil Wayne; no doubt here, this is 100% him and the crowd, nothing else matters….